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Quality and Commitment Come First

At ThorTech Solutions we believe in using the powerful combination of leading edge techniques and proven industry standards to improve time to market and ensure the quality of software systems.

There is much going on in the industry today towards achieving these goals. Our focus is on a collection of values, principles, and practices for modeling software that can be applied on a development project in an effective and lightweight manner ensuring the delivery of applications on time with high reliability and within budget.

Cloud Consulting

Sifting through the marketing and promise of the Cloud for your business can only go so far. You need to understand the full financial impact these technologies can have in your organization. We can assist in evaluating your technical, business and time to market requirements to determine the best path and roadmaps for feasibility and enhanced ROI through and hybrid cloud solutions.

Hybrid Cloud Solutions

We specialize in applications with very high availability and redundancy requirements by combining on-premise data centers with cloud solutions.

Consulting Partner - Amazon Partner Network

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides a highly reliable, scalable, low-cost infrastructure platform in the cloud. As an AWS Consulting Partner, ThorTech Solutions assists companies building secure, highly available, hybrid cloud applications.

Amazon Web Services Partner Network - Consulting Partner


ThorTech Solutions specializes in the application development of highly scalable, mission critical, back-end systems and services accompanied by desktop and web based graphical user interfaces. We have in depth knowledge of developing efficient and robust infrastructures for multithreaded programming that address the issues and challenges when dealing with concurrency for multi-core processors. We use both functional and dynamic language programming paradigms in providing you with a competitive working quality solution.

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