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Time-to-market, fixed deadlines, quality and accuracy all play important roles in the services we provide. From custom software development to technical consulting, ThorTech has the solutions you need.

At ThorTech Solutions we take seriously the importance of a proof-of-concept, whether it is to measure risk or make a sale to a client.

Cloud Technology for Optimizing ROI in Infrastructure

ThorTech created and implemented a roadmap for adoption of a cloud computing environment for a major client saving them seven figures in their Infrastructure budget. By utilizing multi-region Amazon DirectConnect connections into several data centers, we were able to provide the same level of security, redundancy and high availability for the client without sacrifice.

Cloud Technology for Fast Time-to-Market

ThorTech helped a research client that had a data analysis process that was taking two to four days and implemented a solution utilizing AWS Elastic Map Reduce and cut the time down to under 30 minutes. This was game changing for our client and changed the way they were able to think about and produce similar results for other studies.

Election Analysis System

EMR/MI logos

Following the 2000 General Election, the news media election consortium decided to modernize their election computer system. After the 2002 election they dissolved Voter News Service (VNS). The modernization they wanted was not successful.

ThorTech Solutions was called in by Edison Media Research (EMR) and Mitofsky International (MI) to perform a seemingly impossible task: build an election system for the 2004 primaries and the general election in less than 12 months. Working closely with EMR/MI, the Associated Press (AP) and the other broadcast and cable members of NEP (a consortium of ABC News, AP, CBS News, CNN, Fox News and NBC News) we delivered on schedule and on budget a fully modernized system.

Visual Radio™ & RadioShow

RCS logo

ThorTech Solutions was the lead architecture team in developing the Visual Radio™ platform for RCS and Nokia. Visual Radio™ was a synchronized to radio broadcast multi-media mobile phone application that allows users to view content on their mobile phones relavant to content playing on the air on the embedded FM radio in their phones.

Open Source Contributions

ThorTech Solutions is actively involved in the open source community through the use of and development of software tools, products and solutions. We integrate the use of open source software and leverage its advantages in providing solutions to our clients.

We have contributed to ClojureScript, the Clojure to JavaScript compiler, and are the main developer of libraries including fressian-clr, edn-dot-net, data.edn.

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