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Election Analysys Sytem

ThorTech Solutions successfully delivered a new and improved Election Analysis and Exit Poll System built for the National Election Pool (NEP - a consortium of ABC News, Associated Press, CBS News, CNN, Fox News and NBC News) on budget and in time for the U.S. 2004 presidential primaries and the U.S. 2004 general election! The Election Analysis System is a fully redundant distributed web application that performs real-time statistical analysis of the data. It provides live feeds to the broadcast networks and their political analysts. In addition the web portion is accessed by subscribers consisting of news print organizations and trade organizations from around the world. The system collects data from over 140,000 interviews and generates over 500,000 computations in real time, while providing weightings and generating cross tabulations. Due to the wide visibility and sensitivity of this data, the system had demanding security and high availability requirements necessitating multiple hardware infrastructures in disparate geographical locations.

By incorporating lightweight development and stringent testing processes ThorTech Solutions was able to implement, test and deliver sophisticated statistical models within a fraction of the time it otherwise would have taken. The Election Analysis System provided projections for races and exit poll analysis in real-time for the 2004 U.S. General Elections. It distributes the results to the NEP and to over 200 news organizations around the world.

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